It is effective and inexpensive to measure radon in soil before you build

This is how it works:

For new constructions, it can be worth knowing if the soil the building will stand on is classed as high risk soil from a radon perspective, as radon protection can be built in from the start. In some cases, the municipality’s local planning committee demand a survey of radon levels in the ground before granting a building permit.

  • You simply order the detectors from us. Instructions for use and protocols are included.
  • For individual residences, for e.g. detached house, we recommend two detectors. For other plots of land, we recommend one detector per 500 m2
  • Bury the detector to a depth of approx. one metre
  • After 4-5 days, you send back the detectors for analysis
  • The analysis is ready no later than one day after the detectors arrive to us.
  • Read through and follow the measuring instructions that are enclosed.