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Whether you are rebuilding, buying or selling a residential property, changing the ventilation system or simply suspect that you have high levels of radon in your environment? Then you need to measure the radon level.

You can order a kit here for accredited radon measurements. Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to accompany you all the way from the planing stage to the issued report.

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Radon is an invisible and odourless gas that is formed when the radioactive element radium decays. In order to know if you and your family are exposed to radon, you need to make measurements.


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It now is the time to measure radon levels at your workplace!

Employers are obliged to know radon levels in the workplace and to take action to lower high radon levels if needed. In residential buildings too, radon levels are measured and action taken if they are too high. The only way to detect radon is to measure. Preferred method is by passive etch track detectors.