Return of detectors for larger shipments

  • The detectors are very durable, put them together in a bag before placing them in a box.
  • The aluminum bag does not need to be used when returning to us.
  • Clean the detectors from any strings and the like before return.
  • Pack the detectors in suitable packaging, e.g. cardboard, large padded envelope.

Transportation option 1

By using one of the Eurofins drop-off points, you can return the samples at your convenience. See addresses and opening hours in the map below.
The advantage of using Eurofins drop-off points is that the sample will be delivered quickly and safely.
Eurofins' environmental goal is to become CO2 neutral by 2025 and our common transportation is part of this work.

When choosing another carrier is available see information further down. It is important to know that this transport option is at your own expense.

When returning at eurofins collection points:

  • The sample is taken to one of our drop-off points shown on the map.
  • At our agents, you need to inform the staff on site that the shipment is going to
  • Then the staff at the drop-off point will take care of the packaging and apply a
    shipping label.
  • There is also a list where you sign with name/company and date.

Now your job is done and your shipment is now sent up to us at Eurofins Radon in Luleå via eurofins transport deliveries.
There an analysis will be performed of your measurements. Results are communicated as soon as the analysis is completed.

Drop-off map:

Click on any of the red dots to get more information about the drop-off locations. Zoom on the map to see all our drop-off points in the location of your search.



Transport option 2

Sending samples by yourself/at your own expense

You can of course choose to use other carriers to send your samples to Eurofins.
For example, Posten has a 5-step return service where you create your own return slip.  

It is important to keep in mind that you send the samples to the visiting address and that you use a service with delivery. Eurofins can NOT receive packages on Saturdays and Sundays.

If you use an external carrier, Eurofins does not take responsibility for the samples being delivered to us on time, but this will be a settlement between you as a customer and the external carrier.

Visiting address:
Eurofins Radon
Robertsviksgatan 6a
972 41 Luleå