Short-term measurements for houses

Short-term measurements never provide an annual average but are instead used to get an indication of the radon level present before deciding your next step. This can be useful on occasions when there is no time for a long-term measurement, such as when buying a house, or to see if the radon mitigation work has had an effect.

        Prepare and order your radon measurement:

  • Measure for at least 7 days.
  • Use a number of detectors that match what you want to measure. We recommend at least 2 detectors per home.
  • If you have not already ordered your detectors, you can do so here.
    There is also our calculator to help you figure out how many measurement packages you need.

        How to place the detectors:

  • The measurement starts as soon as you open the individual aluminium bag.
  • Register the measurement on the Customer Portal where you fill in the detector number, start date and other measurement data.
  • Place the detectors in bedrooms and living rooms:
    • At least 25 cm from the floor, wall or ceiling.
    • 1,5 metres from any air supply, front door or window, radiator or other heat source.
    • At least 0.5 metres from an exhaust outlet
    • Preferably hanging on a string from the ceiling or ceiling light or lying on a shelf.
  • Live as usual during the measurement.

        Register your measurement:

  • In order to create a report for your radon measurements we need some information from you. Fill in this information on the Customer Portal.
  • Log in to your customer profile with your existing user details or create a new user profile.
  • If you have ordered directly from us, you will already see your measurements when you log in. 
  • If you have ordered via one of our authorized sellers and do not see the above layout, you will need to register your detector(s) manually to your profile.
  • Complete all the required information until you reach the end date, which you should only fill in once your measurement is complete and you are ready to return your detectors to us.
  • Your finalized report will be sent to you via email. A copy will also be uploaded to your customer profile and can be accessed at any time.

        When the measurement is complete:

  • Collect the detectors and record the end date on the Customer Portal.
  • Send the detectors in the reply envelope you received from us at once when the measurement is finished.
  • You will receive your report by email within 2 days of receiving the detectors.