Long-term measurement for apartments and terraced houses.

To obtain an annual average value in accordance with the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority's method description, the measurement must follow these instructions.

The municipal environmental offices are the supervisory authority for radon measurements in apartment blocks and premises to which the public has access and may have other requirements. Contact your local environmental office if you are unsure.

        Plan and order your radon measurement:

  • Measure for at least 60 days during the measurement season, which runs from 1 October to 30 April.
  • You must measure in all apartments that have direct ground contact, meaning that they are located directly on the floor slab or crawl space and have no basement space underneath.
  • Measure in at least 1 apartment per floor in each stairwell.
  • The measurement must have at least 2 detectors per apartment.
  • Use at least 1 detector per floor with living space. Furnished basements and guest houses should also be measured.
  • If you have not already ordered your detectors, you can do so here.
    There you will also find our calculator to help you work out how many detectors you need.

        How to place the detectors:

  • The measurement starts as soon as you open the individual aluminium bag.
  • Register the measurement on the Customer Portal where you fill in the detector number, start date and other measurement data.
  • Place the detectors as centrally as possible in bedrooms and living rooms:
    • At least 25 cm from the floor, wall or ceiling.
    • 1,5 metres from the air supply, front door or window, radiator or other heat source.
    • At least 0.5 metres from an exhaust outlet
    • Preferably hanging on a string from the ceiling or ceiling light or lying on a shelf.
  • Do not place the detectors in wet areas such as bathrooms and washing areas.
  • Do not move the detectors during the measurement.
  • Live as usual during the measurement.
  • Heating and ventilation should be set as usual during the measurement.

        Register your measurement:

  • In order to create a report for your radon measurements, we need some information from you. Fill in this information on the Customer Portal.
  • Log in to your customer profile with your existing user details or create a new user profile.
  • Choose between 2 options to register your measurements.

Register Manually: For those with less volumes of detectors. This can be done directly on your customer profile.

Register with Excel: Recommended for those with larger volumes of detectors, allowing for easier handling of details and data. Simply download the formatted Excel file by clicking "Import with Excel"

  • Once your measurements are complete and you are ready to return your detectors, fill in the end date for each detector.
  • If you have used an excel file, don’t forget to upload it once you are finished. We need this information to complete your results.

        When the measurement is finished:

  • Collect the detectors after at least 60 days and record the end date on the Customer Portal.
  • Send the detectors to us as soon as the measurement is completed. Find your drop-off point here for free delivery back to us.
    • If it takes more than 2 weeks from the end of the measurement until we receive the detectors, we may not be able to provide an annual average.
  • You will receive your report by email within 5 days of receiving the detectors.

On the Customer Portal you can see all the measurements you have conducted and download the finalized report in several different file formats. These include pdf, excel, csv, or rad format.