Radon measurements on workplaces

The home environment is clearly very important. The same goes for the work environment! The maximum value for radon in the workplace according to EU directive is 100-300 Bq/m3 in the air. The value is set by each member country. I.e. for Sweden, it is the Swedish Work Environment Authority who are the regulatory authority and the correcsponding reference value is 200 Bq/m3. Read more on their website about Working with ionizing radiation.

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345 SEK (276 SEK excl. VAT)
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  • Detectors, packed individually
  • Instructions on how to measure.
  • Shipping to you.
  • Analysis of the detectors, including evaluation
  • Accredited report on the measurements.
  • Measuring must be performed in each individual building
  • At least 1 radon detector is placed in every fifth amenity room in properties with ground contact or a basement level where persons are present more than occasionally.
  • On floors above ground level, at least 1 detector is placed on each floor with permanent workplaces and at least 1 detector for every 500 m2.
  • Always measure in personnel areas and other amenities where personnel are often present.
  • The placing of detectors can be decisive for the results. Detectors must not be moved during the measuring period. Readily place detectors when possible in the middle of rooms.
  • Do not take measurements in rooms where people are not constantly present, for e.g. boiler rooms, ventilation rooms, storerooms.

Read through and follow the measuring instructions that are enclosed with the radon detectors.