Radon measuring in detached house/holiday home

This is how it works:

Checking the air we breathe every day should be an obvious need to all. The EU states that the maximum value for radon in a residence must not exceed 300 Bq/m3. Many countries have selected lower limits, down to 100 Bq/m3. It is always good to have as low radon level as possible, there is not such thing as safe level of radon.

Due to Covid-19, we are currently halting our delivers to private properties outside of Scandinavia. Are you running a business and want to buy larger quantities, please contact us at +46 10 490 84 80 or info.radon@eurofins.se.


  • The measurement must be performed on all floors with rooms with living spaces. If the residence consists of one floor, two radon detectors are placed in two different rooms with living space. If the residence consists of two or more floors, a radon detector is placed on each floor.
  • Radon detectors must be placed in rooms with living space, for e.g. bedrooms, living rooms or dens. Bathroom or laundry room, storerooms as well as unfurnished basements are not classified as rooms with living space and are therefore not taken into account in the annual average value.
  • Radon measurements in holiday homes give no annual average value but show a level for each radon detector and is as reliable as radon measuring in a detached house.
  • Read through and follow the measuring instructions that are enclosed with the radon detectors.