Radon measuring workplaces

This is how it works:

The home environment is clearly very important. The same goes for the work environment! The maximum value for radon in the workplace must not exceed 300 Bq/m3 according to the EU directive. Many countries have chosen lower levels down to 100 Bq/m3.

Eurofins Radon uses the  IRMA's (International Radon Measurement Association) recommendations for planning Your radon measurements.

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  • Measuring must be performed in each individual building
  • At least 1 radon detector is placed in every fifth amenity room in properties with ground contact or a basement level where persons are present more than occasionally.
  • On floors above ground level, at least 1 detector is placed on each floor with permanent workplaces and at least 1 detector for every 150 m2.
  • Always measure in personnel areas and other amenities where personnel are often present
  • The placing of detectors can be decisive for the results. Detectors must not be moved during the measuring period. Readily place detectors when possible in the middle of rooms.
  • Read through and follow the measuring instructions that are enclosed with the radon detectors.